How well are we keeping you informed?

Performance information from the 1st July to 30th September 2023.

You want clear information about your rent and service charges.


So, we provide you with information about any changes to your rent and services charges every year and publish our rent and service charge policies on our website. You can find our user-friendly explanation of rent and services charges here.

You want to know how we are performing – what’s working well and what we need to improve on.

So, we produce an annual report for customers every year, access it here. Plus, performance information on our website to let you know how we are doing against our offer to you.

How we're improving:

Based on what you told us on about what you wanted to see in the customer annual report. We shared with you this in the October Rent Statement.

Our Customer Offer Panel meet quarterly to see how we’re performing against our customer offer. So that we can really drill down on how we are performing on each part of the offer, panel members now meet with the lead managers and colleagues responsible. The panel have looked at performance data and share their feedback and good practice. We are looking to expand this group so why not become a panel member. You can find out more about this opportunity via our getting involved page here.

You want to know about activities and services that we provide in your neighbourhood.

So, we promote these on our website social media. We publish when and where we will be carrying out estate inspections, as well as any actions that come from them. Plus provide opportunities for you to become a neighbourhood champion, helping us to monitor your neighbourhood and make improvements.

How we're improving:

We are continuing to undertake quarterly neighbourhood inspections. You can find out when your next inspection is here.

We are always looking to recruit Neighbourhood Champions who are our ears and eyes on the ground and can join our Community Coordinators on their neighbourhood inspections. They tell us how well the cleaning and grounds maintenance services are being carried out, as well as keeping an eye on the general upkeep of the area. If you are interested in becoming a Neighbourhood Champion or want to know more about the role then please click here.