Why people have complained

From the 1st July to 30th September 2023 we received 236 complaints   

Below are the main themes of our complaints 


October - December

Unhappy with process 18.18%
Unhappy with decision  9.09%
Communication  6.06%
Process not explained  33.33%
Colleague attitude / behaviour 3.03%
We did not do what we said  27.27%
Other  3.03%

Please note, some complaints have more than one theme. 

What we have learned

We value your complaints and suggestions as they help us improve. We have our customer offer panel which are a group of customers who regularly look at the complaints we receive and help us to learn from them. 

Here are some of the improvements we have made from your complaints and suggestions:


You said 

We did 

Lettings Process 

You told us that communication about our lettings process and internal transfers was not clear enough. 

We have updated potential and existing customers about our Home Move process to ensure they are clear on what to expect. We have also updated our website to reflect this, with all the relevant information kept up to date and available in one place for existing customers here and potential customers here. As a provider, we understand the wait to be offered a property can be long and frustrating due to the limited supply of affordable housing available. Our goal is to ensure our customers have access to the right information to prevent avoidable delay.  

Communal Cleaning    

You told us that cleaning in communal areas and window cleaning was not being completed to the normal standard.  

We have issued a formal request for an improvement plan with our contractor. This period of improvement runs until 18th July. Our contract manager, Head of Supply Chain and the senior team are meeting weekly on site and or virtually to discuss the progress of the improvement plan. A further update will be provided after end of the improvement plan period. 
Due to customer feedback, a termination notice was served to Bidvest Noonan, the previous communal cleaning contractor, on Monday 25th July due to a material breach in contract and failure to rectify this during the improvement plan period. A short-term contract is being mobilised whilst a larger procurement exercise is conducted. The new contractor was put in in place on the 30th August 2022 to take over the cleaning and window cleaning services for 10 months.  

As part of the demobilisation of the contract with Bidvest Noonan we are in negotiations to agree a final account identifying where services have been missed and or were not provided to the adequate standard. This will be communicated to all residents affected in due course.