How well are we listening, learning and responding to you?

Performance information from the 1st July to 30th September 2023.

Our offer - All colleagues will treat customers with dignity and respect, we will take ownership and responsibility, we will be open and honest and do what we say we will and we will listen with empathy and without bias. 

How we're doing



We received 26 compliments about colleague behaviour, 3 more than the last quarter.



We received 1 complaints about attitude & behaviour, 1 less than last quarter.

Call listening score

97 %

Our customer service team received a score of 97% for listening to customers who called us, equalling the last quarter.

Being treated with dignity and respect


Customers scored us 4.15 out of 5 for being treated fairly and with respect over the last 12 months.

Our offer - We have a new, simpler, two-stage complaints process and aim to resolve the first stage within 10 working days and the second stage within 20 working days. We will let you know if we need a little longer to do this and agree any new timescales with you.

How we're doing

Complaint resolution

89 %

Over the last quarter we resolved 89% of customer complaints at the first stage within a 10-day period. This figure is 5% lower than the last quarter.

How we're improving: 

  • Every quarter we share with you what we have learnt from complaints and what we have done differently, you can find this here.

Our offer - We will apologise if we get it wrong and offer compensation where this is necessary. Our dedicated customer complaint advocate will work with managers in resolving complaints quickly and professionally.

How we're doing

Listening and acting on feedback


Customers scored us 3.3 out of 5 for how satisfied they were with listening and acting on feedback over the last 12 months.

Listening and acting on feedback


In the last quarter 489 Customers responded to a survey regarding a service they have received. 144 Customers let us know how they felt about their area.

How we're improving: 

  • We publish what we have learnt and done differently as a result of complaints each month, you can access this information here
  • Over the last quarter 29 customers attended meetings, with 679 providing feedback through surveys and sharing feedback on policy updates. We have lots of ways that you can get involved, you can view them here

Our offer - We will publish how we are performing against our new offer on our website and show what we’re doing to improve where needed. We will continue to involve customers in checking the quality of our services and monitoring the actions we take. and we will ask customers what information they want including in our annual report. 

How we're improving: 

During this quarter:

  • Held a further meeting of the Building Safety Forum in September 2023. The meetings will continue quarterly with the group looking for new members to join. Further information can be found here.
  • We consulted with customers on various policies between July and September 2023, including our Pets Policy and our Digital Technology Policy.
  • We consulted with customers in Sale West on ongoing regeneration plans.
  • The Resident Scrutiny Panel met twice in the last quarter. Continuing their Damp & Mould Review.
  • We have consulted with customers on the Regulator for Social Housing’s Consumer Standards.
  • 4 Residents took part in a tender process for our Grounds Maintenance Services.
  • Customers helped colleagues in testing our new customer portal, which will be launching soon.