How well are we looking after your home?

Performance information from the 1st July to 30th September 2023

Our offer - We know our repairs service is a top priority for our customers. We aim to fix repairs on our first visit. completing emergency repairs in 24 hours and non-emergency repairs within 60 days, and keep any appointments we make with you. 

How we're doing



This is 58 less than the last quarter.



This is an increase of 22 from the last quarter.

Repairs right first time

85 %

This is a 3% decrease on the last quarter.

Number of repairs completed in this period


This is 776 more than the previous quarter

Our offer - We will provide information on our website about when and where we will be carrying out home improvements each year. We will write to you about any home improvements you are due to get and will let you know if there are any changes to this.

We have written to customers who are due for home improvements this year. We are currently looking at how we invest in our homes and have introduced a new system to help us do this. We are surveying the condition of our homes so we can confirm our plans for investment. We will review the results of the surveys in October to December and publish the plans on the website at the start of the new year.

How we've been doing

Customer Satisfaction with Responsive Repairs (out of 5)


The same as last quarter.

Customer Satisfaction with Gas Repairs (Out of 5)


This is an increase of 0.1 since the last quarter

Customer Satisfaction with Planned Works (Out of 5)


This is a 0.4 decrease since last quarter.