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Stay well this winter: Advice for our older customers and those with disabilities.

08th November 2023
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As your landlord we’re committed to providing you with a safe and healthy home, so please contact us if you need our help and support.

We know the high cost of living is a concern, particularly as we head into winter. If you’re struggling, please reach out to us so we can see how we can help.

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Check if you’re entitled to Pension Credit

Pension Credit is a weekly benefit that tops up your pension. Many people presume they won’t be eligible but are actually entitled to it, so it’s important to check. The great thing about Pension Credit is that even if you are only eligible for a small top up, by claiming it you unlock lots of other support like free NHS dental treatment, help towards buying glasses, and a free TV licence. Call the Pension Credit Claim line on 0800 99 1234 to see if you’re eligible and make a claim or use the Pension Credit Calculator. You could ask a trusted relative or friend for help with this.

Help with energy bills and utilities

If you are struggling to keep your home warm, contact your energy supplier as soon as possible. They can provide financial support and review your payments, offer payment breaks or reductions. 

You chould be eligible for the Warm Homes Discount – a one-off £150 discount from the Government to help people living on a low income or pension over the winter months. This should be taken off your electricity bill automatically between October 2023 and March 2024.

If you were born on or before 26th September 1957 you could also get between £250 and £600 through the Winter Fuel Payment. This year this includes either a £150 or £300 cost-of-living payment for eligible pensioners. The money will usually be paid automatically into your nominated bank account in November or December. For queries call 0800 731 0160.
There are also Cold Weather Payments of £25 available if the temperature drops below 0 degrees for seven consecutive days between November and March. These should be paid automatically into your bank account within 14 days of the cold weather snap.
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Free mobile data, texts and calls for up to 12 months

We are working with the National Databank and can provide customers with free mobile data, texts and calls for up to 12 months. To access this support you must be 18 or over, living in a low income household and either: • Have no access or insufficient access to the internet at home. • And/or no or insufficient access to the internet when away from the home. • And/or cannot afford your existing monthly contract or top up.

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Condensation, damp and mould

All homes are at risk of condensation, particularly in the winter. A small amount of condensation isn’t usually a problem and can be managed, but excess condensation can lead to mould, which can affect your health and your home.

Healthy Homes top tips video

The Energy Saving Trust has created a short video highlighting some of the things you can do to manage condensation and maintain a healthy home – click below to watch it.

You can also download a copy of the Energy Saving Trust’s Healthy Homes Handbook here featuring the top tips from the video, as well as information about the different types of damp to help you spot any problems in your home.

Please let us know if you’re experiencing any of these issues so we can help.

You can also visit the damp and condensation page on our website for further information and advice.

Contact us

Use your extractor fans

Using extractor fans when cooking or bathing is the most effective way of removing moisture from the air. These fans are cheap to run.  Even when you have them on all the time in the ‘background’ mode, a bathroom fan costs £9.38 a year and a kitchen fan £12.58.
You can see how that compares to other household appliances below.

If your fans are broken or missing please report this to us straight away. 


Condensation is not the only cause of damp and mould. It could be the result of leaks, issues with guttering, cracks in walls, missing fans or rising damp.


If you are affected by any of these problems, please fill out this form or contact us in one of the other ways listed here as soon as possible so we can help.

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Energy-saving advice

When every pound counts, the tips below can help minimise your energy bills. • Keep radiators clear and use the radiator valves. • Swap baths for showers. • Close curtains and blinds when it goes dark. • Wear lots of layers – as warm air is trapped between. • Make sure you have a full laundry load and wash at 30 where you can. • Use energy saving light-bulbs. • Switch appliances off standby.

Support with food costs

An interactive map highlighting food banks and community pantries has been produced by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and can be accessed here. Click on your location to see who can help in your area.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority Helping Hand web pages has a section on support with food costs – click here to check out what is in your area.
Did you know? If you’re on certain benefits and are pregnant or have a child under four, you’re eligible for a Healthy Start Card. Receive £8.50 a week for children aged 0 to 1 and £4.25 a week for those aged 1 to 4. The card can be spent in some UK stores on fruit, vegetables, formula, and milk, and you also qualify for free vitamins. Cards are topped up every four weeks.

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Support in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Helping Hand web pages include details of how to access a wide range of help - from support with energy costs, to help accessing childcare and employment, as well as details of the various hardship funds offered by the different local councils.

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Government support

The government’s Help for Households website includes information about the cost-of-living support available, including details of the 2023/24 Cost-of-Living Payments. The second £300 for this year should be paid automatically between 31st October and 19th November 2023 for most people receiving benefits including Universal Credit and Housing Benefit, and between 10th November and 19th November 2023 for those receiving tax credits. Pensioners receiving the Winter Fuel Payment will have their usual payment topped up this year to include the pensioner cost-of-living payment.

Update your details

We want to provide a service which meets your needs. To help us do this, please let us know of any changes in your circumstances which might impact on how you live in your home. For example, any support needs, or any changes in how we communicate with you.
All the information you provide will be stored securely in line with General Data Protection Regulation and only used to help us support you better.
You can report any changes

• Through LiveChat on our website

• By calling us on 0300 561 1111

• By sending us a direct message on social media