We want you to love where you live and understand that a big part of this is looking after gardens and communal spaces.

Please help us to look after these areas by reporting any issues with rubbish, fly tipping, graffiti, grass cutting, grounds maintenance, or cleaning to us.


We work with a company called id verde who maintain green spaces and communal gardens on our behalf.

Our commitment to you:

  • We'll cut communal grassed areas approximately 19 times each year, mainly in the summer months but also a few times over winter months too. Grass clippings will be blown back onto the lawns after every cut. 
  • We'll keep on top of weeds and excessive vegetation within communal areas. 
  • We'll maintain shrubs, flower beds, and hedges - cutting back and pruning twice a year.
  • We'll keep footpaths clean and tidy by removing litter, debris, and weeds.  
  • During the autumn and winter months we'll clear leaves to make sure footpaths, steps, and entrances we own are safe.  
  • We’ll survey all the trees on land we own - removing any that are dead diseased or dangerous.  This will take place outside of bird nesting seasons. 
  • We'll leave the area clean and tidy, at the end of every job.

We work with a contractor who manages the cleaning service in communal areas across our leasehold buildings.

We have a bespoke plan for each building, but in general our commitment to you on areas we are responsible for is:

  1. We’ll clear any litter from building entrances and walkways.
  2. We’ll clean internal surfaces such as skirting boards, door surrounds, staircase supports and hand rails.
  3. We’ll sweep corridors, balconies, landings, and stairs before mopping at schemes where wooden flooring or vinyl flooring is fitted.
  4. We’ll vacuum corridors, landings and stairs if carpets are fitted.
  5. We’ll clean lifts, bin areas and windows