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We are building 79 affordable new homes as part of the first phase of works. This includes a mix of two, three and four-bedroom houses, plus some 2-bedroom flats.  

Residents have now moved into the first 50 new homes which are all let for social rent. We were delighted to offer homes to families already living on the estate who had outgrown their previous homes, enabling them to stay in their local community. 

The new homes are energy efficient and benefit from high quality insulation and water saving systems, as well as electric vehicle charging points. These will help to save  residents' money whilst also being kinder to the environment.  

Rebecca Bates moved from a one-bedroomed apartment on the estate to a two-bedroomed house with a garden which she says was ‘life-changing’ for her and her two young daughters.
“They were so excited to get their own bedroom, and they absolutely love being outdoors, so the garden is great.
“Knowing I can just open the doors and they can be safe outside in their own space means the world to me. This is the new start we’ve all been looking forward to. I'm looking forward to making new memories together here.”

Visit our news feed for the latest updates on progress. 

As we approach the end of Phase 1, we have also begun work on the new road which will link Epsom Avenue to Hurst Avenue. It has been named Hamilton Avenue, after another famous UK racecourse. We'll share more details on this as this phase continues.

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Following further consultation with residents we submitted plans for the second phase of works. This followed the outline planning permission which had previously been granted by Trafford Council. 

Planning permission was granted in November 2022 for 22 one and two-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom houses and work on site began in March 2023.  This phase also includes several accessible ready homes, which are in short supply in Trafford.

Click the links below to download the plans by area. 

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We continue to carry out site investigations across the estate to help us finalise the plans for phase 3 of the masterplan. 

Phase 3 will be an exciting development with a mix of general let properties and supported accommodation geared towards older people and those with learning disabilities.

We will also be looking at the opening of the road between Ascot Avenue and Chepstow Avenue in this phase, as well as changes to the road layout at the top of Thirsk Avenue and Chepstow Avenue.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Community Consultation event on Monday 18th September. Don't worry if you couldn't make it - you can read more about the plans here.

Our development team will also continue to gather feedback from residents through other means, including door-to-door meetings.

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If you are already an Irwell Valley Homes tenant, request a transfer; find out more here. You should also register with Trafford Council’s housing service here. 

If you aren't an Irwell Valley Homers Customer, please register with Trafford Council’s housing service here. 


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