To report a repair during normal working hours you can:

To report an emergency repair please call our 24 hour emergency service on 0300 561 1111.

An emergency repair is when there is a risk to your health or safety. This includes:

  • Burst pipes or leaks that cannot be contained or isolated.
  • Blocked and overflowing external drains.
  • External doors or windows that cannot be locked.
  • Total loss of power.
  • Unsafe electrics. Live or exposed electrical wiring and electrical fittings in contact with water.
  • Serious roof repairs and falling gutters, slates, or tiles.
  • A bath or shower out of use, where this is the only form of bathing available.
  • No water from any taps.
  • A house alarm continually sounding.
  • Complete loss of heating and hot water, with no alternative means available.
  • Gas leak or smell of gas within the property. You must also notify the National Grid (Emergency Gas Service Provider) on Freephone 0800 111 999.

We want to make your home safe and get it back in good working order as quickly as possible, completing all emergency repairs within 24 hours.