Woman explaining herself to another woman on leather chairs

Your rent

Information about how we set our rents, ways to pay, and the support available if you're struggling to pay.
Irwell Valley Employee fixing the sink

Repairs and maintenance

What to expect from our repairs and maintenance service.
Man building block with his child

Your tenancy

Our tenancy agreement with you - our responsibilities and yours.
Irwell Valley Employee kneeling on pebbles whilst he is gardening

Cleaning and gardening

Cleaning and gardening services - our commitment to you.
A woman and her child showing off their keys to the new house

Moving home

Information if you are looking to move home, end, or pass on your tenancy.
Front room of house flooded with water

Home insurance

Information about a home contents policy specifically for social housing residents.
Family baking

Service standards and policies

The standards you can expect from us, how we are performing against them, and our customer policies.