The Resident Scrutiny Panel is made up of 14 customers who come from a neighbourhood near you! They work with us to review our services to ensure they are effective and make recommendations for how we can improve services for you.

Each year, the Panel agrees the services they want to review. These are agreed with our Board of Management, with progress reports fed into the Board as well as the final results. 

The review they completed of our Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Contracts can be accessed here and the accompanying action plan that Irwell Valley Homes is now working towards as a result of their findings is available to view here.

What we do

  • Speak to customers about the service

  • Monitor customer satisfaction

  • Spend time with our colleagues and teams to learn more about the service

  • Interview colleagues to gather their thoughts.

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Management on how the service could be improved.

Before each service review, the Panel meet with the senior manager of the service. They provide them with a in-depth view of the service at that point in time. Each review can take between 10 – 12 weeks to complete. Other RSP service reviews have included:

  • Role of Community Coordinators 
  • Customer experience of moving home
  • Customer voice strategy
  • Anti-social behaviour policy

Their next review is around damp and mould.

Different reviews take different approaches but may include interviewing customers/colleagues/contractors; job shadowing; good practice visits; research into other providers including private sector; and reviewing existing policies and processes.

Their findings are then take to the Board of Management. Upon approval, colleagues will work towards implementing any changes needed - with the RSP keeping an oversight of how plans are progressing.

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We are a diverse group, with different lifestyles, different customer experience and from different geographical areas, which brings us a wealth of experience and opinions for us to consider. By allowing staff and customers to work in partnership, it gives customers a real opportunity to assess and influence decisions that ultimately affect them. We can address real concerns, build our relationships with staff, have our voices heard at the highest level and drive improvements."

Christie, chair of the Resident Scrutiny Panel

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