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How much you can apply for

We will fund applications from Irwell Valley Customers to support their personal development, up to the value of £5,000. For example, we will support people to move from unemployment back into work by funding a college course, uniform for work or equipment to set up a new business idea. We will fund applications from groups and organisations who are bringing long-term benefits to an Irwell Valley Homes community, up to the value of £10,000. For example a youth engagement initiative, a social enterprise or an employability programme. 

What we are unable to fund 

Our funding criteria ensures we maximise the benefits for Irwell Valley Homes customers and the communities where they live. 

Here’s what we won’t fund: 
  • Applications that do not directly benefit our customers or the communities where we own and manage homes. 
  • Individuals, groups or organisations that have previously received a grant from us if they have not completed an Evaluation Form or kept to the terms of the funding agreement. 
  • Projects, activities and responsibilities where the Local Authority or other agency has a legal obligation to provide. 
  • Repayment of loans, debts, interest payments or unanticipated shortfalls in a budget. 
  • Endowments (to provide a source of income). 
  • Contingency costs. 
  • Funds that directly contribute to a company’s distributable profits. 
  • Any costs that you incur when putting together your application. 
  • Any costs incurred or committed before we confirm our grant (including deposits). 
  • Running costs not directly relating to the project. 
  • Bodies seeking to distribute grants/funds to others. 
  • Organisations/Groups with restricted or exclusive memberships. 
  • Political parties or political activities. 
  • Projects that promote religion or are only for people with specific religious beliefs.  
  • Feasibility studies. 
  • Vehicle related costs. 
  • Foreign travel. 
  • Medical research, advice and equipment. 
  • Organisations or groups with sufficient funds and excessive. reserves without proof of clear fund-raising evidence. 

The application process

Applications are reviewed by our resident led panel every other month (in February, April, June, August, October and December). The panel is made up of customers who live in our homes, partners we work with, and four Irwell Valley Homes colleagues. They go through each application and agree whether or not to grant the funding. 

We aim to confirm the outcome of your application within seven days. We want to spend our money wisely and provide the maximum benefit to our customers and the communities we serve. We strongly encourage 'Enhancing and Supporting Communities' applications to secure match funding before applying

If the panel approve your application, you will receive an email with an offer of funding.   

If the panel do not approve your application, we will still let you know. We will explain why it was unsuccessful and if possible, suggest other organisations who may be able to help. 

The panel's decision is final and there is no right to appeal. 

Apply for an Irwell Valley Foundation Grant 

To apply for personal grant funding click here.

To apply for an Enhancing and Supporting Communities grant click here.