Please help us to keep communal areas clean and tidy by reporting any issues with rubbish, fly tipping, graffiti, grass cutting, grounds maintenance, or cleaning to us.

You can also join us for a neighbourhood inspection in your area. These inspections provide the opportunity to look around your neighbourhood with your Neighbourhood Officer to highlight any concerns. You can find more information about upcoming inspections on this page here.


We maintain communal areas on the areas and estates of land that we own.  

Our commitment to you on areas we are responsible for:

  • We'll cut communal grassed areas around 14 times each year.

    Cutting will mainly be in the summer months but there will be a few cuts over winter months too. Grass clippings will be blown back onto the lawns to keep costs to a minimum.

  • We'll maintain shrubs, flower beds and hedges.

    We'll cut back and prune twice a year and keep on top of weeds and excessive vegetation.

  • We'll keep footpaths clean and tidy.

    Removing litter, debris and weeds.

  • We'll keep footpaths, steps and entrances we own safe.

    During the autumn and winter months we'll clear leaves to make sure paving is safe.

  • We’ll carry out tree work on communal land we own.

    We’ll survey all the trees and remove any that are dead, diseased or dangerous. This will take place outside of bird nesting seasons.

  • We'll leave the area clean and tidy at the end of every job.

    Taking away and recycling any waste.


We work with a contractor who manages the cleaning service in communal areas across our neighbourhoods.

Our commitment to you on areas we are responsible for cleaning:

  • We’ll clear litter from entrances.

  • We’ll wipe entrance lights and surfaces including sills, skirting, frames, staircases and handrails.

  • We’ll sweep and mop floors and stairs where wooden or vinyl flooring is fitted.

  • We’ll vacuum floors and stairs where carpets are fitted.

  • When we're finished we’ll spray air freshener and sign the cleaning sheet.

  • We’ll leave the building secure and report any issues we spot to the Neighbourhood Officer to resolve.

Fly-tipping can be anything from a sack of rubbish to a dumped shopping trolley or mattress.

If you notice rubbish you believe has been fly-tipped, start by speaking to your neighbours to find out if it belongs to them and they have already made arrangements to clear (perhaps the rubbish is outside waiting to be collected the next day).

If no-one knows who has left it, you can take the following action:

  • Your local authority has a statutory duty to remove fly tipping. You will need to contact your local council, who will arrange for it to be removed.
  • If the rubbish is on land which we own, please report it to us using the form below - attaching a photo if possible. Once we receive your report we will arrange to have it removed. This can take up to four weeks but is usually quicker.

Report Fly-tipping