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  • What home improvements will residents get and when?

    The regeneration programme includes £7.2m we’re investing to improve the homes we own and manage on the estate, including the roof replacements we’ve already completed. These improvements are taking place regardless of any wider improvements to the estate and the new homes we plan to build. 

    The roof and kitchen programmes are working their way around the estate, meaning customers will get the improvements in stages.

    During the pandemic we focused on delivering the roofing programme as it could be carried out more safely outdoors. We are now on site with our kitchen replacement programme – you can find out the year your street is planned here.


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  • Will I have a choice of kitchen?

    When you are due for your new kitchen, you will get a choice of units, worktops and tiles. We will show you the options available and you will get to choose these before we book the work in.


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  • Why aren’t windows, bathrooms and doors being replaced?

    These were replaced when we took over the ownership and management of the homes from Manchester City Council. As a result, these aren’t due to be replaced for some time.

    If you need any repairs to your bathroom, windows or doors, or would like to speak to us about this, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

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  • Problems with existing kitchen

    If you need any repairs to your existing kitchen, boiler or roof  please contact us and we will be able to help.  

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  • I own my own home, will improvements be made to my house?

    If you own your own home you may be able to have some work done as part of the estate improvements, but you will have to pay for this. 

    If you are interested in this, please register your details with us so we can get in touch when we have more information. Simply email improvements@irwellvalley.co.uk.

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  • When will I know the exact date work will start in my home?

    We will contact you around a month before any work starts to let you know what will be happening, what you need to do and what to expect.  

    We may need to carry out an asbestos survey or an electrical survey before we carry out the work. If we need to do this, we will be in touch. 

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  • What improvements are you making to the estate?

    Alongside the home improvements, we want to improve the wider estate. It includes building new homes, improving parking areas, creating new play spaces and enhancing the biodiversity of the area.

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  • Will there be a new community centre?

    Firs Community Benefit Society (based in Sale West) are developing proposals for a new-build community centre at the junction of Firs Way and Manor Avenue. The new community asset will host all existing services and activities that currently take place from the community centre.


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  • Will there be better public transport?

    The existing roads through the estate aren't designed to accommodate large vehicles, such as buses. We are working with Transport for Greater Manchester and Trafford Council to improve the accessibility of the site. 

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  • How do I apply for the new homes available for social rent?

    1: If you are already an Irwell Valley Homes tenant, please Call 0300 561 1111 for a transfer application form
    2: Ensure you are registered with Trafford Home Choice by visiting here
    3: If you aren't an Irwell Valley Customer, applications will come through Trafford Home Choice so please ensure you are registered with them.

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  • How many homes will be built?

    79 houses will be built in the first phase of the regeneration programme. This includes a mix of two, three and four bedroom houses, plus some 2 bedroom flats. 

    In phase 2 we are building a further 22 homes – 1 and 2-bed apartments, as well as two 2-bed houses.

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  • Where is the work being carried out?

    The first phase – which is currently on site – involves building 79 new homes, plus new roads, pavements, parking areas and play spaces. This is focused around Epsom Avenue, Chepstow Avenue and some of Hurst Avenue. 

    Phase 2 – which is also on site – is focused around Newbury Avenue, Goodwood Avenue, Hurst Avenue and Ascot Avenue. It also includes the creation of a new road - Hamilton Avenue.

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  • Which access routes will be affected?

    For phase 1, construction vehicles will only access the site from three roads - Chepstow Avenue, Epsom Avenue and Hurst Avenue.

    For phase 2, they access from Newbury Avenue, Goodwood Avenue and Ascot Avenue.

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  • Where will machinery and building materials be stored?

    Most of the machinery and building materials are stored on the corner of Epsom Avenue and Firs Way. We avoid blocking access where possible.
    The loading or unloading of materials and machinery will be done on site to avoid blocking access on Epsom Avenue. We avoid having to store items by using materials and machinery as and when we need them.

    We do occasionally use other strategic points across the estate for compound storage. Any such areas will be fully secured and have the necessary licence in place.
    Materials will be moved using a forklift truck. As the work progresses items will be stored at the front of the new homes.

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  • How noisy will the work be?

    The site manager will make sure the work is carried out with the minimum amount of noise possible. Some of the machines are noisy and we apologise in advance for any issues this causes. Please contact the Seddon site team or your Community Co-ordinator if you have any concerns.

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  • When will the building work take place?

    All building work and deliveries will take place between 8.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday. We don’t expect any building work to take place on Saturdays, but if we do need to be on-site on a Saturday, it will be between 8.30am and 1pm  and will let you know in advance if we need to do this. There will be no on-site construction works on Sundays.

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  • Will there be any job or training opportunities for residents?

    Yes, we will be offering employment and training opportunities. To register your interest, please contact Maria Garnett at Irwell Valley Homes Maria.Garnett@irwellvalley.co.uk.

    We are also working with local schools and involving young people to give them the opportunity to have their say and be involved in the plans for their neighbourhood.


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  • What impact will this project have upon traffic and parking within the Sale West Estate?

    There is an increased amount of traffic on the estate due to delivery and construction vehicles. We are working hard to minimise the impact for residents as much as possible.  A traffic management plan has been developed with contractors. It is reviewed weekly and managed by the Seddon Site Team. Residents will be notified in advance should site traffic affect their access or parking.

    Construction vehicles park in temporary parking areas wherever possible and have been advised not to park in customer car parks.

    Materials are ordered in bulk to reduce the number of deliveries to the site and scheduled to avoid busy times of the day.  

    The new family homes will have a private driveway. The amount of parking the new homes will have will depend on the size of the home. Homes are likely to have one or two parking spaces. 

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  • Who do I contact about the work if I need to?

    The Seddon Site Manager, Neil McDermott or our development team. If you have any questions about the development, how it impacts you, how to get involved with any community projects linked to the scheme or to find out more about the new homes being built please contact one of the team using the details here.