We’re always looking for ways to access funding, deliver value for money and make the best use of our resources. Reviewing what we do and how we do it to drive efficiencies.  

We listen to customers and take their feedback onboard and compare our costs and performance with other housing associations to see if we can learn from them to improve.  

By participating in joint ventures, partnerships, and funding consortiums we also maximize our impact and deliver the best return on our investments. 

We made

£ 1.4 m

Last year we made £1.4 million of savings by reducing our costs, reviewing the money we spend, and improving how we do things. 

We secured

£ 75 m

We have secured £75 million new funding to help us deliver new homes.

Measuring value for money

We are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and are required to meet their standards in relation to delivering value for money.  The RSH Value for Money standard, sets out the following requirements for all housing associations: 

  • A robust approach to decision making and a rigorous appraisal of potential options for improving performance;  
  • Regular and appropriate consideration by the Board of potential VfM gains across their whole business; and  
  • Have appropriate targets in place for measuring performance.  

The RSH has a defined set of VfM performance metrics that are used to across the housing association sector. These allow us to review our performance against other housing associations, in the context of our own corporate priorities and our operating environment. 

To see our latest performance against these measures and read more about how we achieved value for money last year  view our  Statutory Accounts which include our Value for Money self-assessment. 

Submit your ideas to win £50! 

We welcome ideas and suggestions from customers to help us achieve value for money.  

Use the form below and for every idea that is recognised as being new and beneficial we’ll send you a £50 shopping voucher or credit your rent account with £50.00.  

Please tell us how it will: 

  • Improve customer satisfaction; 
  • Remove wasted or duplicated work; or
  • Save money, resources or time. 

Alternatively you can contact your community co-ordinator to feedback your suggestions.