In April 2024, a new set of consumer standards governing social housing came into force, designed to improve services for customers.

Performance against the standards will be monitored and regulated by our industry watchdog, The Regulator of Social Housing.

Under the new guidelines, there are four standards we must meet:


The safety and quality standard

Ensuring tenants are safe in their homes and can access good quality services.

The transparency, influence and accountability standard

Listening and involving tenants whilst treating them with fairness and respect.

The neighbourhood and community standard

Working with partners to ensure neighbourhoods are safe and well-maintained.
Let Fairly

The tenancy standard

Ensuring homes are let fairly and consistently.
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Tenant satisfaction and performance against the standards

We gather feedback and compile performance data in various ways to help us understand what is going well and where we need to improve.
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Tenant satisfaction measures

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM). This is a combination of annual performance information and the results of our annual perception survey.