The RSH regulatory framework sets out standards that we are expected to follow in relation to: 

  • Governance. 
  • Value for money (vfm).  
  • Financial viability.  

The RSH also set consumer standards, which include expectations in relation to customer services and experience. This includes: 

  • Repairs. 
  • Customer involvement. 
  • Lettings. 
  • Complaints.  
  • Anti-social behaviour. 

Read more about the Regulatory Standards and what we are responsible for delivering

Every year we publish a Self Assessment, which measures how we are performing against the standards. We also publish an annual report for customers which includes performance information to help customers hold us to account, plus financial statements. 

As well as being accountable to the Regulator of Social Housing, the Housing Ombudsman has been set up by law to look specifically at complaints about housing organisations. They resolve disputes involving tenants and leaseholders of social landlords. The service is funded by the landlords and free for tenant and leaseholders to use.  

Our sustainability framework sets out our approach to enabling people to live well in our homes and communities, having a positive impact on the environment, and remaining a well-managed organisation, and includes performance targets to drive improvement. Every year we will measure ourselves against the framework and publish this.  

Our Board is committed to the highest standards of openness, transparency and integrity.  We have adopted the National Housing Federation (NHF) Code of Governance 2020 and the Code of Conduct 2012. Every year the Board measure their compliance against these. All Board members and colleagues declare any connections, interests or potential conflicts on an annual basis. This is recorded in our Public Register which is available on request. 

A man showing off the keys to his new property

G1, V2 grading from the regulator of social housing

Irwell Valley Employee sharing a book with a resident

Charitable Community Benefit Society - reg no. 20684R 

Five Irwell Valley Employees at a construction site wearing hard hats

Registered with the Regulator of Social Housing - reg no. L0061

One of our Community Coordinators posing in front of a construction site

We are a limited company

Soapworks Office

Registered Office - First Floor, The Soapworks, Colgate Lane, Salford.

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