We measure how we are performing against the Consumer Standards through:

  • Surveys we issue to customers after they’ve received a service from us – our ‘experience surveys’. We report on these every three months.
  • Our annual Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) survey – this measures against the Regulator’s set of standards and the results are published in June each year. These survey customers’ thoughts about how we’re doing at the time of the survey, rather than following a service from us.
  • Data we collect which monitors our performance. We report this quarterly here on our website, and annually as part of the Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

Below you will find the latest data and survey results from January to March 2024.

We moved to a new housing management computer system in February 2024, meaning there is less survey data available compared to previous periods.

In April 2024 we introduced a new experience survey format, which is more closely aligned to the Consumer Standards and the Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

Going forward, this will allow us to compare our 'experience survey' results with the TSM survey results more effectively – comparing how customers perceive us, with their experiences after receiving a service from us. 

Overall satisfaction with Irwell Valley Homes January-March 2024

Customer satisfaction


Customers scored us 4.2 out of 5 for their overall satisfaction with us as a landlord. This is a 0.1 increase on the previous quarter.

Performance against the safety and quality standard January - March 2024

Number of repairs completed


We carried out 6,395 repairs between January and March 2024 - an increase of 637 compared to the previous quarter.

Repairs completed right first time

89 %

We completed 89% of repairs right first fix - a 3% increase on the previous quarter.

Satisfaction with repairs


Customers who received a repair scored us 4 out of 5. This is an increase of 0.1 on the previous 3 months.

Other performance data from this quarter

Between January and March 2024, we completed 87.3% of non-emergency repairs within the target timeframes. This was a decrease of 1.5% compared to the previous quarter, against a context of increased demand.

Customers scored their satisfaction with planned improvements as 3 out of 5 - a decrease of 0.6 compared to the previous quarter - and their satisfaction with gas servicing at 4.8 out of 5 - an increase of 0.2.

During this period, we also carried out 367 improvements in people’s homes and conducted 272 stock condition surveys to help us understand which works should be prioritised in the future.

We completed the final works as part of the investment of the Social Housing Quality Fund – installing or upgrading ventilation, insulation and heating systems in 990 homes to help with issues of damp, mould and condensation.

Performance against the transparency, influence and accountability standard January to March 2024

Contacts into our customer service team


We received 43,956 contacts into our team - an increase of 5,694 compared to the previous quarter.

Call listening call

97 %

Our customer service team received a score of 97% for listening to customers who called us, equalling the last quarter.

New portal accounts


We created 2,423 customer accounts for our new online portal, which replaced our app in February.

Other performance data from this quarter

Between January and March 2024, we held 5 customer meetings attended by 42 customers. This was a decrease compared to the previous quarter, but was due to scheduling of meetings rather than reduced numbers of customers involved. 

A member of the Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) was also successful in being co-opted onto the Board of Management. 

In quarter 3, RSP completed their review on Damp & Mould, submitting 14 recommendations. All 14 recommendations have been actioned in Q4.

In quarter 4, the RSP review on Anti-Social Behaviour concluded, submitting 2 commendations and 10 recommendations.

During this time, we responded to 101 complaints – 93.2% of which were dealt with within the timeframes in our policy.

We also saw an increase in demand for our live chat function - with the number of contacts increasing by 1,368 to 4,853 this quarter. This impacted on the number that were actioned within the timescales expected - 31%, a decrease of 15%.

The number of calls which were picked up in target timeframes was 25%, a decrease of 13%. This was again against a backdrop of increased demand.

Over the last year other customer involvement and accountability activities have included:

Grounds maintenance tender process

We involved customers in the tender process for our new grounds maintenance partner provider.

Customer portal testing

We involved customers in testing our new online service for customers, ahead of its roll out.

Resident Scrutiny Panel reviews

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel reviewed our damp and mould and anti-social behaviour services and we have implemented their recommendations for how to improve. 

Feedback on policies

We gained customer insight and feedback on seven policies, including the introduction of a new digital recordings policy.

Performance against the neighbourhood and communities standard January to March 2024


£ 9833

We spent £9833 clearing fly-tipped rubbish.



We cleaned 10 incidents of graffiti.

Anti-social behaviour


We dealt with 98 cases of anti-social behaviour.

Other performance data from this quarter

Between January and March 2024, our contractor completed the winter programme of grounds maintenance works across our estates, ensuring all neighbourhoods were visited to cut back bushes and hedges and clear leaves.

This put us in a good position for the start of the grass-cutting season in April. All work was overseen and inspected by our estates co-ordinator to ensure it met the standards required.

Our Tenancy Sustainment Team were scored 4 out of 5 for customer satisfaction in this quarter.

We finalised a new Neighbourhood Champions initiative, whereby customers are encouraged and incentivised to get involved to help us monitor the standard of grounds maintenance and communal cleaning. Check out your April newsletter through your door for more information about this.

We published our programme of neighbourhood inspections on our website here and shared these with customers in our community newsletters, encouraging residents to join us.

We also got involved with community events across our neighbourhoods, including a jobs fair hosted by our Oasis Community Resource Centre in Haughton Green and a programme of Easter themed events in Bolton.

Performance against the tenancy standard January to March 2024

New customer satisfaction with home


New customers who moved into one of our homes scored the condition of their home 4.4 out of 5 – an increase of 0.4 on the previous quarter.

New customer satisfaction with lettings process


New customers scored the lettings process 4.1 out of 5, a decrease of 0.1 on the previous quarter.

Other performance data from this quarter

We welcomed 79 new customers into one of our homes.

Of these, 47% were previously homeless.

We completed and let 26 of our new-build homes to new or existing customers.