This page is also where we'll share the latest feedback about life in this area - highlighting what's going well, where we need to improve and what we're doing to achieve this.

"A nice pleasant area"

58 %

of people feel the area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together

42 %

of people feel connected to the community.

27 %

people are satisfied with their area

85 %

of repairs here completed first time.

37 %

of people advised they knew they could call for help if they needed it.

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Your new Neighbourhood Officer will be announced soon.

In the meantime, if you need our help or support please contact our Customer Service and Support Team:

Live chat here on the website.

Send us a direct message on social media.


Or call us on 0300 561 1111.

Team Member Rents

Your Rent Support Officer is Lisa Peck

We're here to help you if you have any difficulties with your rent.

If you are struggling with rising household bills, we can check if there is any extra financial support you are entitled to. We can also refer you to money specialists and debt advisors if we feel you would benefit.

Our rents team is friendly, approachable and will never judge you or your situation. To contact us, please email, request a call back through Live Chat here on the website, or call 0300 561 1111.


Homes in Bury

  • 13 new affordable homes are currently being built in Bury

  • We have 246 homes in Bury.

  • We have planning permission for a new dementia scheme in Bury.

    Builders will be on site in 2024.

Local issues and what we're doing to improve

Anti-social behaviour

89% of residents highlighted issues with ASB, particularly noise nuisance and drug dealing.

Further information on how and where to report issues can be found here.

Serious incidents or threats of violence should be reported immediately to the police on 999.  

To report a non-urgent incident to the police, call 101.


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Grounds maintenance

68% people recognised issues with untidy gardens, litter and fly tipping. 

We know there have been issues with our previous grounds maintenance provider and we understand the impact this has on how people feel about where they live.

We are currently in an interim contract covering the winter months whilst we finalise a new permanent grounds maintenance provider.

We will update further around what you can expect from them when this process is complete. We have involved customers in the tender and have sought to secure the best value for money.

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Litter and fly tipping

95% of customers highlighted problems with litter and fly tipping.

See how we are tackling issues here​.

“The area used to be clean and tidy with residents taking care of communal areas, however rubbish is now strewn everywhere. Fly tipping is a serious issue."

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Priorities and improvements

We asked customers for their top priorities to improve the area and what Irwell Valley Homes can do to help.

The top suggestions are:

a couple with their daughter smiling on the sofa

Your priorities

Clear/prevent litter and fly-tipping

Tackle ASB such as noise nuisance

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Your recommendations on how we can help

Enforce action on untidy gardens and fly-tipping.

Clean up and monitor alleyways and the rear of properties.

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    We are committed to ensuring you live in safe, clean environment

    How we will act on your priorities

    We will:

    • Work with our grounds maintenance provider to set a standard level of service and share this with you so you can hold us to account.
    • Complete regular estate audits and contact residents to request improvements where gardens are below standards.
    • Continue to work with Bury Council to ensure fly-tipping is reported and cleared effectively.
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    We work in partnership with the services below to keep your area safe

    In your area

    • Greater Manchester Police
    • Bury Council
    • Health Watch Bury
    • The Irwell Valley Foundation has supported 6 causes in Bury in the last year  - donating £5,600 to support customers and community groups including health and wellbeing activities and employment support.

Customers in the area told us they were interested in accessing services to support health and wellbeing; youth services; social activities and skills and training.

Useful info and links

  • Radcliffe Boys and Girls Club, Withins Avenue, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2XB
  • Street cleaning is undertaken by Bury Council - reports can be made here.

Clean environment, plenty of facilities, good transport