It's also where we'll share the latest feedback about life in this area - highlighting what's going well, where we need to improve and what we're doing to achieve this.

Haughton Green is the first of our Community Plans - we'll be adding others to cover all the neighbourhoods where we have homes over the coming weeks and months. So watch this space for more updates soon!

“I am quite happy with the area I live”

86 %

of residents feel their home supports their needs​.

87 %

repairs here completed first time​.

87 %

of people feel the area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together​.

65 %

customer satisfaction​ with the neighbourhood.

65 %

of people feel connected to the community​.

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Your Neighbourhood Officer is Ryan Heywood

Ryan can support you to manage your tenancy and works hard to make Haughton Green clean, safe, and somewhere you're proud to live.

Ryan carries out quarterly neighbourhood inspections and is always happy for customers to join him. Find out when the next one is here and email if you'd like to join him.

You can also catch up with the latest community newsletter here


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Your Rent Support Officer is Lucy Grayson

We're here to help you if you have any difficulties with your rent.

If you are struggling with rising household bills, we can check if there is any extra financial support you are entitled to. We can also refer you to money specialists and debt advisors if we feel you would benefit.

Our rents team is friendly, approachable and will never judge you or your situation. To contact us, please email, request a call back through Live Chat here on the website, or call 0300 561 1111.


Homes in Haughton Green

  • We have around 900 homes in Haughton Green.

    This includes the three iconic high-rise buildings.

  • We have built 15 new affordable homes here since December 2022​.

    The new homes are in Heanor Avenue and Denbigh Road.

  • Hi-rise roof replacement programme.

    We have recently spent more than £650,000 on extensive roof replacement works to Southey Court, Fitzgerald Court and Castleton Court.

Local issues and what we're doing to improve

Anti-social behaviour

60% of residents acknowledged issues with anti-social behaviour.

If there are concerns you need support with, you can read more on our ASB page here.

In July, our Courtney, your Community Co-ordinator, hosted a multi-agency ASB drop-in event at the Oasis Community Resource Centre.

Customers were able to call by and share their concerns with us, the local police and officers from Tameside Council.

We will share further updates and actions following this meeting and the points raised in the near future.


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61% of customers told us in our recent survey that they don’t have the necessary adaptations to support them in their home.

We want to support our customers to live safely and comfortably in their homes and will work with them and the local authority to achieve this.

Find more information on how to apply here​.

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Grounds maintenance

57% people recognised issues with untidy gardens.

This spring and summer we have been working with our grounds maintenance provider on an improvement plan for communal grounds and areas we are in charge of maintaining.

Good progress has been made and although some areas of grass cutting are slightly behind schedule due to the recent wet weather, plans are underway to catch up.

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Litter and fly tipping

76% of customers acknowledged issues with litter and fly tipping.

To find out more abour approach to fly-tipping and how we are working to tackle this problem, please click here​.

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Customers were interested in accessing services across a range of different themes, including health and wellbeing; skills and training; and meeting others, as well as activities aimed at young people.

You can read more about relevant activities and events taking place in your neighbourhood below.






Jobcentre 10am-12:30pm​
Oasis Centre​

Jobcentre 10am-12:30pm​
Oasis Centre​

Jobcentre 10am-4:30pm​
Oasis Centre​

Jobcentre 10am-4:30pm​
Oasis Centre​

10am-12pm- Postnatal Group Oasis Centre​

Citizen's Advice Bureau-10am-1:30pm​
Oasis Centre (Fortnightly)​


Toddler Talk- 10am-10:45am​
Oasis Centre​

Arts for Health- Monday 1-3pm- ​
Oasis Centre​

National Careers- 10am- 3:30pm​
Oasis Centre​

Fresh Start Club- ​
Oasis Centre-10am-11:30am​

Baby Group 11am-12pm​
Oasis Centre​


Magical Memories- 1pm-3pm​
Oasis Centre​

Tameside in Work- 10am-2pm​
Oasis Centre​

Minds Matter 1-4pm​
Oasis Centre​

Carers Wellbeing Support- 1pm-3pm​
Oasis Centre​


Change Grow Live (drop in- fortnightly)​
2-3:30pm Oasis Centre​


Change Grow Live (appointments)​
2-4pm Oasis Centre​



The Dance Gallery 5pm-7pm​
Oasis Centre​

The Dance Gallery 6pm-9pm​
Oasis Centre​

The Dance Gallery 5-8pm​
Oasis Centre​

Bowling- Training Session-6:30pm-8pm​
Haughton Green Bowling Club​

The Dance Gallery 6pm-8pm​
Oasis Centre​

Bootcamp 8-9pm​
Haughton Green Young Persons Centre​

Young Peoples Community Session- 6-8pm​
Haughton Greens Young Persons Centre​

Zumba- 7-8pm​
Haughton Green Young Persons Centre​

Bootcamp 7-8pm​
Haughton Green Young Persons Centre​

Zumba- 7-8pm​
Haughton Green Young Persons Centre​

Dog Training Club 8-10pm​
Haughton Green Young Persons Centre​

Type 1 diabetes support group (1st Friday of the month only)​
Haughton Green Young Persons Centre​



Friday Night Runners- 6:30pm​
Chapel House​


You can also find out more information about local support services and other useful contacts on our Tameside Local Support page here.

I love living close to the woods, the wildlife, parks, village shops, good people, feeling safe here.